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As I go through me day I am starting to notice what annoys me (triggers me) and how I react to the situation. I was once told that the trigger of a gun is the smallest part. It’s the ammunition that causes the damage. I suppose for me the trigger is the thing that someone says or does, the ammunition is what I do about it aka my reaction. At this moment in time I am finding my kids triggering  me more that usual. The more I look at what they have done to trigger me the more I see it’s me and not them that I am annoyed with. I noticed that one of my kids told me that they did not want to go somewhere with the family which meant the family had to split up, so some went and others had to stay at home. What I figured out after a bit was I was annoyed that they said exactly what they were feeling and I don’t. It has being something I have being saying around the house all the time to say how you feel and then when one of them said what they felt and it affected me I got annoyed. Is that situation about them or me?? Me of course, what I wouldn’t give to be a free spirt like them and say how I feel about a situation at any given moment. So for me going forward I am going to do my best to notice my triggers and when triggered take a step back and look at the bigger picture before letting my ammunition dictate how I react. Just maybe something to think about.

The most profound thing we can offer our children is our own healing” Anne Lamott


Mike Walsh

Relationship Mentor