What is it about Christmas that changes people

What is it about Christmas that changes people

I know for me Christmas can be a very overwhelming. The thing about it is I am the one who is putting all the pressure on myself to try and make the perfect Christmas for my wife and kids, but where do I come in to all this happiness? Who decides what the perfect Christmas is, the perfect present is, the perfect host is. For me it’s all the advertising and the marketing. But the thing is those people that do the advertising and the marketing don’t live in my house and don’t know my children or even me for that fact. So, I am starting to be mindful of that and starting to do what we all as a family like over the festive period and not what we should do.

I have seen around Christmas time there is this need to have to visit everyone in the family and I am not saying not to but maybe just notice what affect this is having on you and is there pressure around it. I have found that these situations made me feel really uncomfortable yet I was willing to do it because I felt this was the thing to do. When I told people how I was feeling around this situation they really understood because I was talking about me and how I was feeling.

How many people out there think that if everybody around them is having a great Christmas then they will as well. I know I was one of those people. But in the last few years I decided that if I am happy at Christmas then the people around me have a better chance of being happy. As I have touched on in my other blogs your happiness starts with yourself not anyone else.

So, for this Christmas give yourself the gift of just being you and see how your Christmas turns out.


Mike Walsh

Relationship Mentor

“When you feel powerless, that’s because you stopped listening to your heart, that’s where the power comes from”