Useful Tips & Advice (from N.R.R.I)

• Wash your feet every day in warm, soapy water
• Rinse your feet with clean water
• Gently pat your feet dry, never rub in between toes
• Gently rub in a small amount of moisturizing cream

• Cut your nails regularly
• Use a proper nail clipper
• Cut the nails straight across and not too short
• Never cut down the sides into nail groove
• To remove dirt from the side of the nail use a soft nail brush. A tooth brush might be easier to use because of the long handle. Use emery board or file to reduce a thickened nail
• If you find your nails too difficult to cut, visit your chiropodist or public health nurse

• In winter you need to keep your feet warm. Sometimes you may not realize your feet are cold.
• Wear loose fitting woolen socks
• Keep your room warm
• Keep active, walk and take exercise
• If you get your feet wet, wash them in warm water and dry them carefully as soon as possible
• Remove hot water bottles from your bed before getting in
• As we get older our blood does not circulate as well in our bodies. Hands and feet can particularly be affected.

• Put your feet and legs up on a stool or other chair when sitting
• Don’t cross your legs
• Don’t sit too close to fires or heaters
• Badly fitting socks and stockings can be harmful. Make sure that elastic stockings are properly designed and fitted to suit you. Ask your public health nurse, family doctor or chemist for advice. Never wear garters

Wear good fitting laced up shoes with soft uppers. Soft rubber soles will also be more comfortable. Have your feet measured when buying shoes. Only wear slipper for short periods. Remember expensive footwear is not necessarily good footwear.

Good foot care may not always stop problems happening. If you have problems with your feet speak with your family doctor and chiropodist. Never treat corns or painful nails yourself. Look for advice early and as often as you need it.