The Natural Way to a Healthy Head of Hair

Whether you’ve got long locks of curls or short slivers of straight, your hair health can tell you a lot about your lifestyle, and a lot about things you can change.

Damaged hair isn’t just about the perpetual bad hair day. Neglecting hair health can lead to thinning, breakage, and even significant hair loss.
Sometimes, the products we buy with the ingredients we can’t pronounce to fix the problem are doing far more harm than good.

Here are some natural ways you can boost your hair health without a cocktail of chemicals.

Water hydrates your whole body – your hair included!

There are a great many ailments that can be improved simply by increasing your water intake (drinking it, not pouring it on your head!). Since your hair is also partly made up of water, it makes sense that good hydration will lead to well-hydrated and healthier hair. Getting the recommended daily intake of water for your body’s makeup will start to make a big difference to the look and feel of your hair.

Protect your hair from the elements

As our skin is sensitive to nature’s elements and the seasons, our hair is no different. Prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays from the sun, getting wet in the rain, or getting blown sideways by the wind will all contribute to hair damage and the introduction of dirt and other pollutants that may cause damage.

Opt for a hat or umbrella and limit the time you spend directly in the elements.

Stock up on protein

Our hair is made up primarily protein filaments known as ‘keratin’. So naturally, eating a well-balanced and protein-rich diet will have a positive effect on your hair health. Foods such as eggs, chicken, salmon, and certain legumes are rich in protein (both lean, and omega-3 fatty acids) that are a great natural booster for your keratin levels.

Lay off the super-hot showers

Some of us love a nice, hot shower that leave us that lovely lobster colour at the end. But despite how satisfying it feels, your hair is suffering for it.
High heats open the cuticles of your hair and increase the risk of scalp irritation and hair strand damage. Instead, treat your hair to a room temperature level and notice the difference it makes.

Avoid the chemical cocktail

Advertising shows us beautiful, luscious, and healthy hair as a result of using their products but take a pause next time you think about applying all those chemicals. More products don’t equal healthier hair, and while some products may give it that temporary look and feel you love, they could be silently killing your hair. As a general rule of thumb, the less chemical products you use on your hair, the better your hair will be for it!