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Did you know that the skin is our largest organ of the body and is a complex matrix of living and dead cells, oils and water that work together to protect the body from external stressors.  When the levels of oil and water within our skin are balanced, we have beautiful healthy, flexible and radiant skin and did you know that even if you have oily skin you can still be dehydrated and hydrated skin can still be dry……Here’s why

There is often confusion to the terms that are used when talking about the different states within the skin.  The term hydration refers to water content, while moisture pertains to oil.  If you skin needs water it requires hydration and if it lacks oil it’s in need of moisture.

Hydration = Water

Moisture = Oil

Dehydration = Lack of water

Dryness = Lack of oil

“Dry” is a skin type. It means that naturally your skin has less oil. If your skin lacks oil it will often appear flakey, red and/or irritated. Often those with dry skin types also have smaller pores and experience tightness after cleansing. To help compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin, apply oils similar in structure to that of natural sebum. Look for ingredients like grape seed oil, plant-derived squalane, jojoba oil which are some of the ingredients that we use in our Restore body and facial oil

Dehydration can happen to all skin types and it is important to note that it is not a skin type like Dry skin even though the skin can be dehydrated and dry at the the same time. Water benefits the skin by going between cells and preventing them from peeling up, keeping skin flexible and adding volume to diminish fine lines. Often, dehydrated skin feels tight, looks dull, and/or can be oily (often skin produces oil to combat dehydration).

Since oils can help hold water into the skin these products work synergistically to combat dryness and dehydration. Additionally, well-hydrated skin is less likely to over produce oil, thus, applying both hydrating (drinking water is an excellent way to hydrate your skin) and moisturizing ingredients to oily and combination skin can help balance uneven oil production. 

Tracy qualified in beauty 2012 and has taught beauty to students over the years and it is with this knowledge that she now produces her own blends of oils.  If you have any questions please always contact her at