Piece By Fiona from Innerzen Organics

Here at Innerzen Organics, we truly believe in the power of nature and
everything it has to offer us. It is with this in mind we have carefully
crafted a line of Anhydrous , or water free, skincare ,that allows us to
take full advantage of these ingredients, without ever having to dilute
our potent blends.

Waterless skincare is without doubt the way of the future, let me tell
you why….

100% active ingredients, yes 100% , this means everything you see,
smell and touch is used in it’s undiluted form. Nothing is diluted with
water or synthetic ingredients unlike most Brands that contain up to 80%
water or fillers.
Longer lasting, as anhydrous formulas and blends are undiluted, they
tend to last you longer because you need less of the product to do the
job but still experience the full effect.

Better for your pocket ,as the above point suggests, the efficient
usage means you need to purchase less often.

Environmentally sound, Water has been the Go To filler for many
decades in mainstream brands across the globe. Just check your bathroom
and i bet you the first ingredient on any product you pick up is Aqua,
water. So as an anhydrous range we have significantly reduced our water

Safer for your skin, all products in the range are gentle whilst being
effective, they contain no toxic ,synthetic ingredients which means less
risk of irritation. Many of these irritants contribute to your overall
Toxic Load. So, by using Innerzen Organics range of face and body care
products you know you are looking after the environment but also your
own Holistic wellbeing.

Finally, each and every product has been designed to encourage the
user to use them in a mindful way. Enjoy the sensory experience,
breathing the scents, and taking those few minutes every morning and
evening to transform your skin care routine into a self care ritual.

Go on you deserve it!