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Medicine hands – massage therapy for people with cancer (gayle macdonald)

Cancer is not a modern disease.  The attempts to understand and treat it did not burst into scene recently.  Cancer has been observed and described for millennia.  Evidence of it has been found in human remains that go back many thousands of years.  The oldest possible tumor was found by the famous anthropologist Louis leaky in a fossil jawline in Kenya that dates back 6000 years.  Chinese folklore makes reference to esophageal and throat cancer.  Ayurvedic medical books describe  tumors and how to treat them.  Hippocrates, the Greek physician, described cancer as a condition of excess black bile, which was one of the four humors.  At that time, illnesses were catagorized in terms of various bodily fluids – bloodm phlegm, yellow bile and most malevolent of all black bile.

Cancer in modern times can be distinguished from the past by the dramatic rate at which the disease has increased.

At head to toe therapies we believe no matter wha, touch plays a massive role in our general wellbeing or when the body is going through trauma and stress.

It is through learning and supporting ARC house that we can offer support to people who would like to avail of therapy while going through cancer or in remission.

There will be many reasons why you will choose oncology massage as it may help relieve the symptoms or the side-effects of your treatment.  In particular, if you want help dealing with fear, anxiety, hopelessness, changes in the body or stress.  You may be looking for a more holistic way of treating cancer that will affect your whole body.  Or you want to find the energy and power to stay strong and fight your illness.

Therapy might be help you to focus on your spiritual and emotional well-being.  You may feel the need for more “touch”, talk and time.  With that you can feel more in control of your illness, or to help with physical side effects like fatigue and nausea.

Please contact us for more information at receptionheadtotoe@gmail.com for any questions that you may want to ask before booking.