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Neal’s Yard Remedies’ praised skin care is made from the finest natural and organic ingredients in a responsible way to save our planet.

Neal’s Yard Remedies don’t use any mineral oils, no synthetic fragrances or colourants and no parabens in their products. The raw materials, ingredients and products are certified by The Soil Association – one of the world’s strictest certification organisations.

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At Neal’s Yard Remedies, they are driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty should be more natural, less synthetic. This passion, and the firm belief that it’s down to all of us to protect our precious planet, is at the heart of everything they do. The skin is the body’s largest organ, an active interface between our bodies and the environment. It’s been well documented that what you put on your skin ends up in your body (just think of nicotine patches), so they believe it’s really important to be fully aware of what’s in the products you use.

Over the last 50 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been developed, most of which have never been properly tested on humans. We are absorbing a vast array of these new synthetic chemicals from our food, our toiletries and our immediate environment. Surely it can be no coincidence that over the same time period, the spreading of illnesses such as eczema, allergies and even cancers have greatly increased. We may not be able to avoid all of these chemicals, but at Neal’s Yard Remedies, they believe it makes sense to do what we can to minimise contact wherever possible.

Today, awareness and interest in natural remedies, skin and body care are on the increase. But when they opened their first shop in Covent Garden in 1981, they were one of the few pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care that had been adopted by much of the industry. The vision was to bring the expertise of the apothecary and a holistic approach to health and beauty to local people and their communities.

What matters to them are people, their health and their happiness. They are obsessed with discovering and delivering natural ways to improve health and wellbeing through outstanding natural and organic skin and body care products. They also believe passionately that the environment is of vital importance, both in its own right and as the source of many of the plants and herbs vital to our wellbeing.

They design, test and produce their products at the eco-headquarters and physics garden in Gillingham, Dorset. It’s home to the team of experts in natural health and beauty who create their award-winning products. In state of the art labs, they develop herbal remedies and skin and body care products that use the nourishing properties of the purest natural ingredients. They’ve sourced organic ingredients since they started in 1981. Now, over 30 years later, they are proud to offer the UK’s largest range of organic health and beauty care.


Products that moisturise dry areas and balance the sebum production and oily areas. Works astringent on pores. Palmarosa and herb cleavers cleanse and gives the skin a matte finish. Marigold, mahonia and lemon all have anti-inflammatory effects, calming and balancing irritated skin.


A light facial series that includes Damask rose from the mountains in Iran. Rose as an ingredient is calming and anti-inflammatory and in combination with geranium, aloe vera and vegetable glycerine the products keep the skin moisturised, resilient and gives an even skin tone. One of Kate Moss’s favourite series.


Every flower from Neroli is picked by hand, you need 800 kilos of flowers to create 1 kilo Neroli oil.
The Neroli oil comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and in combination with jojoba oil, mandarin and Ylang-Ylang the series works softening and fights dry skin. The range also prevent signs of early ageing. Sea buckthorn and pomegranate, both rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, stimulates the microcirculation and protects from free radicals.


A protecting and softening series with strong anti-age properties. Organic frankincense from Kenya, myrrh and gotu kola stimulates the microcirculation, heals and resets the balance. Other active ingredients are marine algae (rich in anti-oxidants), Baobab oil (rich in vitamin E and omega oil), turmeric (lightning and anti-oxidant) and palmitol triperid-5 (from palm oil).


The moisturising organic honey in our new Bee Lovely range is a blend of two honeys so pure, they’re good enough to eat. Albert Einstein once said: “If the bees die, the human race dies four years later”. Today, the bees are endangered, but you can make a difference by buying Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely products. When you buy a product, you become the adoptive parent of two bees in a BeeUrban hive somewhere in Sweden. The products from Bee Lovely smells nice and soft from orange, mandarin and honey.


It’s important to let the skin get used to a new product line and you should not start with all products at the same time. It takes the skin approximately 2–8 weeks to get used to the new products and before you can see any clear improvement. Initially you can feel that the skin gets worse from dryness. Impurities and pimples can emerge on the skin surface. This is part of the expurgation and it is completely normal. However you should never have lasting discomfort – in that case you should terminate your treatment and contact our skin therapists.

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