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Over the next coming weeks, the pressure of exams & study for them will become a fast reality for many students and their families.

The thought of looming exams for many students can be very stressful, while attending school, classes, sport activities, maybe a part time job and even forward planning for specific college/university courses.

This is a realistic situation for many students who find themselves dealing with new situations and fresh challenges.

The fact is, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep or problems sleeping are major issues at this time, because stress negatively impacts the immune system. Someone who is under stress is more likely to get sick, with some short term effects including headaches, insomnia, racing heart, trembling, sweating, recurrent infections, butterflies in the stomach, diarrhoea/constipation. This may than lead to long term health issues including depression and general deterioration in health.

Some students often make the mistake of trying to escape the pressures they are under by partying, drinking or experimenting with drugs. While these activities might offer a momentary break, they can ultimately leave students feeling even more stressed because students who indulge in these types of dangerous practices often lose focus, fall behind in their schoolwork and have a negative impact on other aspects of their lives.

Fortunately there are healthier, more effective alternatives for dealing with stress. One of them being massage.


When studying for exams, your brain is required to accumulate a lot of information, this can lead to long periods in a stationary position, even going late into the night, which can take toll on the body.

Massage is a natural and healthy way for students to combat this, by helping to removing tenison and giving a sense of calm to the mind and body.

It can help with FOCUS, as headaches can often interfere with study and sleep. For those tired of battling tension and headaches, massage can provide welcome relief.

Massage can help with POSTURE, as long hours over a desk/table, late into the evening can often increase tension in the upper shoulders and neck. Massage can help reduce the muscle tension in this area.

It can help HORMONES as it can boost levels of the feel good hormone, dopamine, as well as lower cortisol levels which is linked to stress.

Massage can help the IMMUNE SYSTEM from disease and infection by increasing the body’s count of “T” cells and lymphocytes. It is believed measurable biologic effects can occur after just one session of massage.

It can also help with LACK OF SLEEP, as it naturally relaxes the body as the lack of sleep can hurt the body and mind as it may be linked with weight gain, increased risk of cardiovascular problems and difficulties with reasoning and concentration.

We also have to remember that it will be a combination of things that will see you through this challenging time including healthy eating and being active.

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