Introducing our Wellness Journal
Wellness Journal by Tracy McCarthy


Welcome to a tool designed to help you in a new mindset of “your care is self-care”.  This simple day-to-day journal is aimed to help you achieve your goals, to change old habits and new ones become a way of life for a healthier you in mind and body.  Take it one step at a time aiming to do your best each day.  Don’t aim for perfection, but simply a balanced, sensible approach to living well.

For whatever reason you have chosen to take this journal, I hope it will provide the inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and empowerment you will need as you progress towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Tracy x


How to use this journal

This journal will take you to better health, step by step, by inviting you to track and reflect upon your day, combined with simple daily challenges, quotes, and tips.

Simply take each day as it comes.  Download your journal, either print or keep it on your device for easy access and reference each day.  Use the boxes to reflect and record as per their instructions to measure your progress as the week progresses,

Believe in yourself, set your goals, and let this journal be the tool you’ve been missing in helping you to become a healthier and happier individual.  

Page 1

Each journal will be available each month for you to use and only available each month through the magazine.  Write at the top of the page the date you wish to start and count 4 weeks on to place in your end date.  Be realistic with your Goals for the 4 weeks, and if you only have 1 then only write down 1.  

Your water intake, each drop counts as 1 day in the week, mark off a drop if you achieve your aim of 2 litres per day.  

My achievement goal is the smallest goal that you wish to achieve this month…..

Page 2

In your exercise schedule, aim for small changes and build on increasing it over the coming weeks.  In the magazine, you will find plenty of information and inspiration to help you make changes, skin care is important and should be a routine that we do daily.  Here is a chart to help you remember the steps that you need to carry out each day.

Self-care is remembering that you are important, and writing about what you did for yourself or what you want to do for yourself…was it an online course, meditation or simply a reboot on the sofa?

Your mood chart is just an honest way to say how are you feeling and not be afraid to say “i’m not ok”

Page 3

Start listing  your routines, routines are good as they help us stay on the right track

Page 4

Write in plans for the month, we have added additional planning boxes to help you on your way

Page 5

Use the affirmations each month to guide you with gratitude as positivity brings positivity.


Tracy’s Quote

“If you are not happy everyone around you will not be happy and to mind yourself you have to take care of yourself as no one will do it for you”


What is motivation?

Most people want to change at least one thing in their life. But it can be challenging to find the motivation just to make a start. It helps to understand what motivation means to you so you can find your own ways to get motivated. Motivation is also the drive to achieve your goals or needs but is also influenced by how much you want the goal, what you will gain, and your personal expectations.

Motivation is also important because it provides you with goals to work towards, helps you solve problems, change old habits, and helps you cope with challenges and opportunities.

Most people struggle with motivation, but it is even more challenging if you have health issues such as depression or anxiety.  Here are some tips to help.

  • Set yourself one specific, achievable goal.
  • Think about how to include that goal in your life, what you need to do to make it happen, and then put a timeframe on it (such as a week).
  • Break your goal into small, easy tasks and set regular reminders.

We hope this wellness journal will keep you on track and use it as part of your daily routine.  Positive self talk is important and effective in managing depression or axiety.  Instead of saying “i cant” say “I can Try”.  and always remember when you have completed a step or a goal reward yourself.

Simple Motivation Tips

It starts with a goal

You need a reason – a real reason – to make these changes.  When the going gets tough, you willl need to dig deep and push on through.  To do this you will need the right goal, what will it be that will motivate you each week, it could be a photo, a comment someone has made or simply how are you feeling, but it needs to happen…. Because this will make you want to change 

Don’t tell people about your goal

The more people you tell the harder it is going to be, as you are placing more pressure on yourself and if you fall off the wagon it will be harder to get back on.  As much as i admire people for posting about what they are going to do, for most people it just makes things so much harder.  Aim to do it for yourself, tell your close family, then just get on with it and make it happen

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

Pick a goal that you can work towards over time, there is plenty in this magazine to help you with ideas and where you want to go.  And once you are getting closer, you’re a winner.  It could just be starting something new, changing simple routines or just mindset, but once youre moving towards the goal, you are getting there.

Change is hard

If you fall off the wagon, remember that on one is perfect.  Chances are, you may fall off the wagon at some stage.  What’s key here is you get back on track as soon as possible.  You need to draw a line in the sand, accept the fact that you had a bad day or week and move forward.  There is no point in beating yourself up over it and feeling worse.  Just remember that everyone does it, and being able to move on quickly is the best thing you can do.

Dont just settle for average

Goals can be big or small.  They can be whatever you want.  When setting your first goal – or setting a new goal, having achieved the first – why not aim for something epic?

Something huge?  Aim for something that you will be able to achieve, even though it is a big leap.  All too often, we settle for the normal or the average, when we are in fact capable of so much more.

Build that positive network

Surround yourself with those who help you to push your boundaries, your goals and your abilities.  Join our network of support, click on the link to this private group where we offer tips, information and support where on those days it seems a little dark, that there is light.

Do it today

Do it now, write it down, text it to a friend and commit to the goal.  Dont put it off any longer – make the commitment today that you are going to enact positive change and do everything in your power to make it happen

Review your goals

Regularly review your goals and progress.  Seeing progress is a great motivator in itself, and also improves your self-esteem

Set new goals

Continue to set new goals, think about what you have achieved and move on to what you want to achieve next week.  Tackle one goal at a time so you dont feel overwhelmed.

Keep the momentum

Keep the momentum up.  It takes up to 3 months to develop a new habit, so keeping the momentum and routine helps it feel more automatic over time.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Positive friends and family enhance your positive self-talk, which helps to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Simple Food Tips

Always eat breakfast

No matter how busy your day, or how early you get up in the morning, this is one meal you just cant afford to skip.  To get your metabolism fired up, decrease your chances of snacking during the day and give you the fuel you need to get through your activities, breakfast is the one meal you cant miss.  Whether you opt for a protein option such as eggs, or a carbohydrate option such as porridge, be sure to get this meal into you, as it will set you up for the day ahead.

A friend once told me….treat your body like fueling your car, fill up in the morning and by the end of the day let it go empty, only top up if you are running low and to keep you running, you will never loose fuel if you keep filling to the top and not moving enough to let it get to the bottom.

(thank you Alison Kingston RIP 2022)

Drink plenty of water

Water is the key to keeping your body hydrated and functioning properly, ensuring that you can concentrate and work better and giving you more energy.  While two litres a day is always a good guide, this amount can change witty your activity levels.  If you find water too plain, add lemon, lime, or cucumber slices to give it some flavor ( it is hard to start but keep with it) or how would you moderate it to get water into you……

Get a two-liter bottle in the morning and aim to have it finished by the end of the day.  This will provide you with an easy visual way to monitor your water consumption.

Everything in moderation

If you cut out a treat food, you will crave it, so why not try moderation instead? Have a treat meal a week, when you will allow yourself to enjoy that favorite food or those few drinks.  This creates a much more balanced approach to life, and health in general, as it will stop you from binge eating and yo-yo dieting during the year.

Dont beat yourself up for having a treat

Life is for living and you are never going to eliminate everything unhealthy for the rest of your days.  So aim for balance by having one treat meal a week and enjoy it

Simplify things

Instead of counting calories, think of your diet in terms of color, variety and freshness.  As you experiment with recipes, your diet will become healthier and more delicious

Simple Movement Tips

Make exercise a part of your day

Many people consider exercise to be one large session of activity they have done several times a week, but while this may be true, it is not for everyone and this can add stress and fail to be consistent in getting where you may feel you should be with general fitness.  So instead of stressing make small changes for example walk to the shops if possible instead of using the car, go outside during your lunch break and use the stairs as opposed to the lift.  Basically, any small increase of activity in your normal routine will keep you fitter, slimmer and happier, day in and day out, due to the improvement in your circulation and your enhanced hormone response to exercise.

Use online

I often give clients a great helping hand, by showing them a platform like you-tube to find 10 minutes plus yoga, stretching routines, and exercise classes ( there are many to choose from).  As you can choose a time that works for you to ensure that you give your body the right attention it needs.  

Enjoy some downtime

You should have at least one day a week where you rest and relax.  Don’t partake in any physical exercise or work, just let the mind.  By doing this, you will help keep your stress levels to a minimum, indulge yourself in something you enjoy, and give yourself time to think up new ideas that would not come to you in the course of a normal busy week.

Choose a sport you enjoy

People often choose a sport that they don’t like, as they think it will help them to lose weight or tone up.   However, because they dont enjoy the sport, it quickly becomes tedious, and they soon stop.  Keep trying sports until you find something that is fun, that you enjoy, and that makes you feed good when you do it.  This is then sport for you, as you will keep it up longer and have more fun doing it.


Mindfulness has never been more popular, with lots of different versions and concepts.  One of the simplest versions i can give you is leave your phone at your desk when you go do lunch.  You will be surprised at the calming effect this has on your lunch break.  For guided meditation, check out apps such as the Calm app, or local advertising in your town.

Simple Tips for Better Sleep

Create a sleep routine

We all react well to a regular and consistent sleep routine.  Try to create a similar routine that you go through before bed each evening

Tech-free bedroom

Take all of the tech out of your bedroom, less tech results in better sleep

Increase dark space

This is so beneficial, especially in summer.  Blackout blinds and curtains are a simple but incredibly effective solution.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Especially later in the day, from 2pm onwards.  Caffeine later in the day directly impacts your sleep quality


Simple Tips for Managing Stress in your Day

Don’t beat yourself up

Sometimes in life, things get in the way of your training.  If you continue to beat yourself up over it, it will only stress you out even more.  Just accept that you can only do your best, and that you will be able to get back on track

Set smaller goals

Big goals are great, but if you’re stuck for time it is going to be harder to hit them, so why break down your goals into smaller and more achievable ones and have your long-term goals separately?  Remember no matter how small, you will get so much motivation from hitting them.

You always feel better after exercise

Even when it is the very last thing you feel like doing, endorphins are produced when you exercise, which will give you a potent boost, mentally and physically.

Talk about it

Stress can affect your mood, especially when you hold it in.  Simply talking about what and how you are feeling can make a big difference.

Keep eating real food

It is often so much easier to rely on convenience foods when you are busy and stressed, but these foods won’t supply you with the nutrients you need.  As much as you can eat, real food that you can cook yourself.  It is far healthier and better for you.

Get colour onto your plate

No matter what time you eat or what you are eating, aim to get as much colour onto your plate as you can.  Foods with colour are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that will help your body effectively manage the impacts of stress.

Read to get better sleep

Ideally, before you go to bed, you should stop looking at any devices at least 30 minutes beforehand, due to the light emitted by the screens.  Reading can provide you with an easy way to wean yourself off phones and TV screens before bed.

Write it down and map it out

We all work better when we have plans in place.  No matter what your problem is, you will always feel better when it is mapped out in front of you.  Get a blank page, get writing and organize everything into a plan.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel.