Helping others before yourself

Helping others before yourself

I was doing an exercise recently with a group on what do I do to look after myself and I was surprised with one question in particular. So, a group of us were in a room and the person running the group decided to start the day off by asking a few questions about how we look after ourselves day to day. So, she started off by asking how many people meditate at least a couple of time a week and if you did so you were asked to stand up. Then she asked how many people here exercise 3 or 4 times a week and who ever did was asked to stand up again and so on. So, these questions were going on and I was standing up to most not all mind you, but I was happy enough with myself. Then she asked who here can ask for help when needed and I never stood up. For some reason this really brough it home to me that I find it very hard to ask for help even when I really need it. When I looked around the room there were not too many people standing. This I thought was sad. I’m not sure is it a culture thing or is it a pride thing but what ever it is it sad.

Here I am the one doing all this work so I can help others but in the midst of it all I seem to have forgotten how to help myself. I was wondering then how many people reading this actually can stand up and say I am in need of help can someone please help me. I would be delighted if it was everyone but alas, I am not sure it would be. For me I have always associated asking for help as weakness on my part but if someone else asked me for help I would consider them so brave for asking and would of course help them in any way I could. So, after having this bite of reality I have decided to do my very best to ask for help at least once this week. It might just be a small thing I ask for help with, but it will be a start.

I invite anyone reading this to maybe do the same if it feels right for you and if it doesn’t that’s ok to maybe just notice that you thought about asking for help and that in itself is a step towards looking after yourself. Remember the longest journey starts with the first step.

“Be gentle with yourself you are doing the best you can.”

Mike Walsh

Relationship Mentor