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When we think about going back to school as parents, do we really know what’s going on for us (parents) at this time? Who is actually going back to school?

For me as a father of 3 I know the way I act around my kids going back to school is the way I would have liked my parents to have acted when I was young and returning to school for the next year of learning. Have all the books ready before school starts so as not to be different to the other kids. Have the cool or in fashion lunch box, bag, shoes or what-ever is cool at the time. If I feel my kids are happy going back to school then I am happy.

But is that really fair that my child’s happiness dictates weather I am happy or not? The more I have looked into family dynamics the more I see the only person in charge of our happiness is ourselves, and if we outsource this important task to others eg, our kids, friends etc the less time that little bit of happiness we get from others lasts.

All this is not to say not to get your child ready for school the way you always do but maybe this time notice how you are feeling around the topic and when you notice what’s coming up for you be ok with that, and maybe this time make peace with how you are feeling. How you are feeling is not wrong for you, its how you treat yourself for having these feelings is the issue.

Let’s look at having a little compassion for ourselves at this time of year and who knows maybe we might actually enjoy this great moment with our kids and not let it pass us by.

Mike Walsh

Relationship Mentor.

All Relationships start with self.