Juliana Wang

Juliana Wang

Juliana Wang

Juliana Wang is 24 years old is from Brazil. She is an integrative therapist who graduated in Naturology, a university course in Brazil, and have been working with therapies for more than 5 years. Her specialties are aromatherapy (the use of essential oils) and meditation, so for the massages she tailors a specific oil for each person that comes to her and uses guided meditation when necessary.

She will be doing Holistic massage, swedish, deep tissue massage, head massage, foot reflexology, and crystal therapy.

I was always very apprehensive about reflexology as I’m not mad about feet so I opted for reflexology with a back massage as I wasn’t sure how relaxing someone touching my feet would be. Tracy proved me wrong! I couldn’t believe the sense of relaxation I got from the reflexology, the amount of pressure points in the feet is amazing and how each pressure point connects to parts of the body. The massage was fab too but I think my mind was so swayed by the reflexology that next time I booked in I went for a full 60mins of reflexology. I then had reflexology numerous times while I was pregnant and found a great sense of calm after it.
Believe it from me, someone who was pessimistic, I have changed my belief. Tracy comes highly recommended.

Liz LevisSept 2021

I had an appointment with Angela for the Combo Special, Angela was not only a lovely person but a very competent therapist. The treatment was amazing, super relaxing, especially the reflexology part; they make a real effort to create a peaceful ambiance and listen to your specific needs. I was beyond happy with my experience.

Diane lefebureSept 2021

Tracy is an excellent massage therapist who listens to her clients and provides individualised treatments. I highly recommend her. She offers a range of different types of massage suitable for everyone young or old, because each massage is tailored to what you need/want. The room is comfortable and quiet and easy to get to.

Benjamin HalpinMay 2021

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