Peach Kernel (Prunus vulgaris)

Produced from the stone/seed of peaches

Peach kernel oil is extracted from the pit of the peach stone. Its Latin name is prunus persica and it is a light oil with a pale-yellow colour. It has many benefits for skin, as listed below.

  1. It is a lightweight oil that is easily absorbed easily into skin, without leaving a greasy residue.
  1. Peach kernel oil has a comedogenic rating of 2, meaning that it is unlikely to clog pores, so it works well for even oily skin.
  2. It is calming and hydrating to skin; so is lovely for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin issues.
  3. It seals moisture into skin, to soften and comfort.
  4. Peach kernel oil is full of omega oils 3, 6 and 9. These oils help skin to function well; providing hydration, strength and suppleness.
  5. It is a great oil to keep skin youthful with many anti-ageing benefits. It is has a high content of vitamin E, which helps with lines, elasticity and an uneven skin tone.


  1. Light Texture, high in vitamins A and E, oleic acid and linoleic acid
  2. Rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6)


  1. Good for all skin types, emollient & anti-inflammatory
  2. Protects and nourishes the skin
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