Baby Reflexology with Story Massage
Baby Reflexology Classes with Story Massage


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4 Session Group Course Bundle = €100.00





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  • Classes are an hour long and held weekly for 4 Weeks.
  • Classes are bundled and may be purchased as a bundle package.
  • All classes include a tub of reflexology balm, and instructional handouts on strokes as well as a story massage to continue at home
  • Get a group of friends together and book a bundle or meet new friends in the group!
  • Dads and partners are welcome! Attendance will depend on space availability.
  • Expecting a new baby? Congratulations! Prepare for the arrival of your baby by learning Baby Reflexology and practicing on a doll.
  • Your purchase secures your spot in the class. Missed classes cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
  • Techniques are reviewed in each class allowing for ample opportunity to learn and practice.


  1. Introduction
  2. Breathing Exercises to Centre Parent and Baby
  3. Introduction my baby doll Jennifer and my baby’s foot.
  4. positioning of baby and positioning for parents.
  5. Your take home balm explained and benefits.
  6. Positioning and Reflexology explained
  7. Zone Therapy of the Foot
  8. Teething routine.
  9. Story time (story massage)
  10. Let’s Connect – All Things New Parenthood and Self-Care


  1. introduction
  2. breathing exercises to centre parent and baby
  3. Relaxation for baby through touch & feet
  4. Digestive system & routine
  5. Go through Nervous System Hand out & Routine.
  6. Digestive System & Routine.
  7. Tummy massage
  8. Story massage time
  9. Let connect – all things parenthood and self care


  1. introduction
  2. breathing exercises to centre parent and baby
  3. benefits for the older child and as our baby grow
  4. Immune System & Routine.
  5. Go through Nervous System Hand out & Routine.
  6. Pineal & Routine.
  7. Asthma Routine.
  8. Story massage time
  9. Let connect – all things parenthood and self care


  1. introduction
  2. breathing exercises to centre parent and baby
  3. Hand Reflexology.
  4. Facial reflexology
  5. Go back over all routines.
  6. Story massage time
  7. Let connect – all things parenthood and self care

Classes may vary from week to week

Feel the power of touch

Baby Reflexology for you and Baby?
  1. Parents are discovering the art of baby reflexology and the many benefits of touch!
  2. Baby reflexology is a bonding activity between parents and their babies. Baby Reflexology is a series of specially adapted reflexology techniques originally developed for increasing bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child.
    Baby Reflexology is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive natural therapy. It can be used from 4 weeks of age, some parents like to start after their child’s 6-week check, this is a personal choice
  3. Touch is the very first sensory system that develops and is the basisof early communication between you and your baby.
  4. Classes or individual session allows for discussion of topics such as: transitions into parenthood, infant/baby milestones, baby brain development, non-verbal communication, baby cues, behavioral states, attachment, bonding, sleep, breastfeeding (among others).

How old does my baby need to be?

  • Babies can receive reflexology at birth. Baby reflexology is a lifelong parenting skill that can be used with your child for as long as you and your child find it enjoyable and relaxing.
  • For our classes, babies need to be 6 weeks old to pre-crawling.

Where do the classes take place? 

  • Classes and private sessions take place in Kinsale at  Unit 7, Kinsale Health Hub, Kinsale Commercial Park

When is the best time to massage my baby?

  • Reflexology should take place 20 to 30 minutes after a feeding.  But stories can be given at anytime
  • All baby reflexology classes and private sessions are baby led. If baby needs a feeding, to be changed or soothed in any way, we go ahead and follow their lead.

Can we reschedule missed classes? 

  • The 4 Week Group Course Bundle does not allow for rescheduling of missed classes since we need to accommodate all group members.
  • We review techniques every week providing ample learning time and opportunity to practice. You will know learn how to give your baby reflexology working on different systems of the body by the end of the group course bundle, even if you miss a week.
What is the National Register of Reflexologists

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing Ireland with a register of professional Reflexologists and training centres. NRRI Members are accredited as a professional practitioners by IRISH LIFE HealthLAYA-Healthcare and VHI Healthcare.

More details can be found out at

What does Certification in Baby Reflexology Mean? 

  • It is important to pay attention to whether or not infant massage instructors are certified! Certification is evidence of training and practice.
  • Instructors, like myself, who have been certified by a reputable organization have taken training courses, completed rigorous coursework as well as implemented classes to practice and learn.

Are there contraindications to Infant Massage?

  • Yes. Babies should not attend classes if experiencing high fever, vomiting, infection, swelling or inflammation, have had recent surgeries or illnesses.
  • Please consult with a medical professional prior to scheduling any massage classes.

·        Private classes are available for purchase!

·        Private classes can be booked as a bundle ( 3 weeks) or as an individual class

·        Pick which classes interest you most from the course outline above and book one class only!

·        Private classes allow for more flexibility in terms of scheduling a time that work best for you and baby.

·        Private classes allow for individualized attention where I can address your specific questions and needs.

·        Private classes are tailored before you attend to suit you and your baby’s needs