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PRICE:- 120 euro (3 sessions prepaid in advanced)

Up to €100 is reclaimable on many Health Insurance policies.
We recommend you check your individual plan.

One to one sessions

Tracy McCarthy (IAIM) instructor can offer you 1-1 private sessions to enable you to treat your own baby using the Baby Massage techniques. These sessions are fully interactive, so you can learn and bond with your baby at the same time and learn the techniques and benefits so you are able to take the knowledge and use safely at home.

Baby Massage is a series of specially adapted massage techniques originally developed for increasing bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child.  Such as gas and colic, constipation, muscular tension and even teething discomfort,

Baby Massage is a safe, drug free and a non invasive natural therapy. It can be used from 4 weeks of age, some parents like to start after their child’s 6 week check, this is a personal choice.

Baby one to one massage is run through a series of 3 weekly sessions, where Tracy will teach you the Baby massage techniques for you to use on your own baby.

Each week is themed and the techniques have been simplified, making it easier for you to learn, remember and use on your baby.

What’s Included

Baby massage themed notes, benefits and organic massage oil to take home

One To One Attendance

All one to one baby massage sessions are pre booked with Tracy McCarthy by email, after initial prepayment.  You will be asked to fill out a consultation form for your baby before hand and one to one sessions are a minimum of 3 sessions.

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