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Teenagers are often reluctant to ask for help, making it very important to detect the signs of both physical and emotional behaviour which indicates some form of stress.
My own experiences show that giving our children extra support through challenges times may help them get through a stage in their lives that even as we the parents find it difficult to give them the help they need. As most of us know that giving advice to teenagers often falls on deaf ears.
Relaxation and hormone balancing techniques can be used with aim to stimulate and balance the cranial nerves, central nervous system and endocrine system, connecting and balancing the energies, helping teenagers to feel calmer, more confident in control and balanced.
These days teenagers are now under more pressure than ever to perform well and achieve. Their physical, mental and emotional health are under constant duress. Not only this, the ever-increasing (but not always truly known or understood) peer pressures perpetuated and propagated by social media are – rightly or wrongly – a reality that simply adds to anxieties that today’s youngsters suffer all too often. With exam season currently weighing heavily upon them, this time of year is especially difficult.
With such pressure on them, it is essential that they are able to find ways to either release stress or reduce anxieties. Reflexology has been extensively studied as an aid and treatment for the purpose of reducing stress and anxiety, for both children and adults alike. It’s the perfect antidote to stress and can help improve cognitive function.
Like most adults, teenagers enjoy reflexology and react positively to the many benefits it can bring. It calms and relaxes them; helps amplify joy and happiness; calms fears and bewilderment; all of which are emotions that are part of growing up.
Unlike conventional medicines, which mostly cause the body to become weak to defend and heal itself, reflexology can help the body to heal, making it strong and resistant to infections and diseases and therefore being less dependent on medication.
Reflexology can also be an effective sleep aid and can combat insomnia. It can also help improve concentration at school or college and therefore be a positive influence on childrens’ schooling. It has been shown to balance the organs and body systems and reinforce the body’s defences by boosting the immune system. Furthermore, it can help reduce headaches and migraines.
But just as importantly, a reflexology treatment allows that little quiet space and time just for them, where they can completely switch off, or talk, or a bit of both! They only need to take off their shoes!
Benefits for teenagers re-capped
1. Improves concentration for school and study
2. Promotes self confidence and self esteem
3. Helps to balance teenage hormones during puberty
4. A fantastic de-stress option for difficult times such as exam times
5. Helps to combat ailments such as head aches, stomach aches, chest infections, constipation, earache, asthma etc

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