New Kinsale Wellness Trail


60min massage & sauna = €85

75min  massage & sauna = €95

90min massage & sauna = €105

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A new Collaboration and New treatment for Head To Toe Therapies

Massage & Sauna bring you our new Kinsale Wellness Trail

Let the trail begin

Welcome to a new collaboration with Head to Toe Therapies, Naturally Balanced, and MyHaven Sauna (OysterHaven)

We have formulated a concept where massage & sauna are combined bringing Kinsale Wellness to a new level.  At Head To Toe Therapies, we have created a wonderful new massage treatment while incorporating an extended experience to MyHaven Sauna at Oysterhaven.  With all the benefits of your massage and in your own time take your journey into self-care to include your sauna experience. Both treatments can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience that offers a range of potential benefits, including stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and detoxification.

How it Works:

  1. Purchase your package at the Head-to-Toe Therapies shop (on this page)
  2. Book your exclusive HAVENMASSAGE at Head to Toe Therapies CLICK HERE
  3. Reserve your sauna session at MyHaven Click Here
  4. Choose the order: sauna first or massage first – it’s your choice.

Coordinate your treatments as you wish, either in one day or separately, maximising your experience in Kinsale and the surrounding area. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, embarking on a self-care journey towards wellness.

Your HavenMassage (60/75/90 minutes) includes:

  • Dry exfoliation (full body or back depending on treatment time)
  • A massage with your choice of MyHaven body oil
  • Hot Stone therapy (full body or back depending on treatment time)
  • Hot and cold stone therapy for shoulders, neck, head, and face, using Naturally Balanced Facial oil

Experience #RESTORE #NATURAL #BALANCE as warm stones ease muscle tension and stress on your neck and shoulders, followed by tension relief on your scalp. Lukewarm stones then work their magic on your face with cooling rose quartz, potentially reducing wrinkles and age lines while enhancing skin health.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Purchase your duo treatment exclusively from our Head to Toe shop.
  • Book each treatment separately – CLICK HERE for Massage & Click Here for MyHaven Sauna.
  • Remember to bring your purchase receipt as your sauna voucher, and when paying online, select “PAY FOR SESSION” and then “PAY IN PERSON.”
  • This treatment is specific to HavenMassage and Sauna and cannot be used for other services on our website.
  • Each individual is responsible for booking their massage and sauna sessions.
  • HAVENMASSAGE can also be booked without the sauna through the Head To Toe Therapies website.

Book your HavenMassage & Sauna experience today and embark on a wellness journey like no other.

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60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes