Includes 1x sachet of detox clay and 2 week supply prebiotic natural deodorant balm

Proudly handmade in Ireland by nature-loving Biomed Scientist Olivia Norman, this luxurious prebiotic deodorant balm protects precious underarm skin, allowing you to sweat without unpleasant body odour.
With 2 prebiotics that feed the skins good bacteria overcoming the odour causing bacteria.
Naivilo does not contain baking soda which can irritate sensitive skin, it has seawater magnesium hydroxide, diatomaceous earth and zeolite that happily absorbs moisture leaving you feeling fresh.
Scent free is perfect if you are sensitive to essential oils or fragrances.
Natural Deodorants shouldn’t be a chore, it should be about YOU! Take control, slow down, connect, and take care of yourself for a moment before starting your day. Naivilo, give the gift of feeling fresh…naturally.

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