A harmony of holistic therapies using prebiotic skin care, tailored to bring a unique treatment for lifestyle changes.

75 Minutes | €80

Introduction price at €60 which we send out in the post as a voucher & we also include a small product gift set to the value of €10 



Your feet are welcomed by placing them into warm water with Epsom salts, your therapist will begin a gentle exfoliation on your feet while you sit, relax and listen as your treatment is explained.  To finish your feet are dried and you are offered a choice of balm you wish to use in your treatment.

  • Energise

Refreshing Lemon Myrtle and stimulating Lemon Eucalyptus provides powerful protection against body odour. Steadying Palmarosa helps combat stress and fatigue to Energise you for the day ahead

  • Calm

Trust calming Lavender essential oil to relieve stress while comforting Neroli will ease tension. King of Oils, relaxing Frankincense, ensures you channel inner Calm all day.

  • Joy

Uplifting essential oils like Sweet Orange relieves tension while Bergamot brightens the mood. Invigorating May Chang, a powerful antiseptic, keeps you feeling fresh and joyful all day.


2. Detoxing

Lying face up on the therapy bed, the journey now begins.  Starting with the feet a light massage will begin including main reflexology points that will help you not only to relax but to promote healing, release energy blockages and cleanse toxins from the body and balance energy.   To complete the detoxing of the feet a detox multi mask is applied and left on the feet for approx. 20 mins.

The second stage of the detox is to take you to another level, it is about understanding, self-care and re-connecting.  Each part of the massage is worked around the neck and arms drawing each movement towards the armpit and is completed with the detox multi mask being applied to each armpit for about 20 mins.

  • Get ready for the deep cleansing power of Detox. Naivilo Dry Clay detox multi mask combines the power of Moroccan rhassoul and bentonite clay along with zeolite powder to give your armpits a pore opening, deep clean. Beneficial prebiotics help to feed the skins protective bacteria giving them the edge over body odour causing bacteria. It is the perfect prep for your choice of Naivilo Prebiotic Natural Deodorant and on your feet for the ultimate foot cleanse ritual.

3. Balancing

To complete your treatment, we first go back to the feet and remove your mask, balancing the feet with massage and reflexology points while applying the balm of your choice.  The mask under your arms is then removed and balm of your choice is applied, finishing with gentle massage on the neck and head and reflex points of the face.

Why Naivilo 

  • Natural Ingredients 
  • We use only the best natural raw and organic, where possible, ingredients that nourish your precious skin.
  • Handmade in Ireland 
  • All our products are handmade in small batches, with love and care. They are fresh and self-preserving.
  • Nourishing 
  • Organic Irish Rapeseed oil, Babassu oil, and Shea butter nourish and nurtures your precious skin.
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