Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage includes all the benefits of a regular massage, (improved circulation, lymph drainage etc.) with the added benefit of a blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs, all to improve physical and emotional health.

60 min | €70
75min | €80
90min | €90

Check out our Naturally Balanced page for benefits of essential oils

Aromatherapy Head Massage

An aromatherapy head massage uses unique blending of wonderful oils that may help the face & scalp with certain conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff as well  as dry, sensitive & mature skin types

60min | €70

Check out our Naturally Balanced page for benefits of essential oils


Aromareflex uses the power of plants in the essential oils in the following areas: Immune system boost. reproductive support, pregnancy labour focus, menopause, detox, grief, depression, aches and pains, relaxing, reviving and hormone balancing.  You will have the chance to approve the chosen oils before they are mixed for the treatment and we recommend you allow 8 hours before washing your feet, to allow your skin to absorb the essential oils more fully.

60 min | €70

Check out our Naturally Balanced page for benefits of essential oils

Summer Ritual 


Welcome to Head To Toe  Summer Ritual, Tracy has combined treatments that are designed to help you find your inner peace and tranquillity and to make yourself whole again.  It will help calm the mind and make your body more receptive to the healing aspects of the treatment. Your journey will start with a wonderful foot soak, while we go through the products available for your treatment (products may vary from treatment to treatment). Naturally Balanced has been formed to bring you natural products produced in the Emerald Isle (Ireland), from manufacturers who are passionate about all things pure and health-giving and believe in using the best of natural and organic ingredients.

So why change………when you go natural you are not only feeding your skin from the outside in but you are also feeding your body from within.   Because your skin plays an important role in maintaining your health and wellness, it is also one of the largest organs and covers the whole of our body, it is a living breathing organ and it serves to protect us from the external environments as well as potentially harmful microbes, chemicals, radiation and UV rays and of course everyday lifestyles. Feeding your skin to benefit the inside/out is something we should all be aware of because as we apply products to our skin, ingredients are absorbed and molecules are small enough to penetrate the layers of the skin and are used by the skin cells themselves or they pass through into the bloodstream where they are transported around the body to help maintain healthy functioning organs, for example, the heart, lungs, stomach, etc or the body systems for example circulatory, digestive, hormonal and nervous which aids our body to balance, regulate and improve functions, repair and heal, fight infections, kill potentially harmful microbes and eliminate toxins. Feeding your skin to benefit the outside is probably the most visual one as the products we use can increase skin elasticity and collagen content, hair thickness, nail health, and growth, reduces eye wrinkles, and even help with cellulite.  We can get this help from natural sources and it is important to read up on the benefits of the products that you choose because remember that what you put on your skin to feed you are also feeding your inside to create total balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Our summer ritual using wonderful natural products will continue your journey with a dry body exfoliation, allowing wonderful nutritious oils to absorb into your skin, a foot exfoliation, mask and moisturize, a full body massage including the stomach (by your choice),  face exfoliation and facial oils and beautiful aromas of summer oils to complete your 2.5 hours of self care.

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